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Barbara The Fair With The Silken Hair (DVD NTSC)

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Customer rating:Rating: 4.45 (29 votes cast)

Price:  $19.99 
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Studio(s): Ruscico, M.Gorky Film Studio
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 1969
DVD release: 2000
Language(s): Russian, English, French
Subtitles: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, English, German, Russian
Format: Widescreen
Genre(s): Fairytale, Children film

Once upon a time there lived a tsar by the name of Yeremey. He went on a year-long travel over his realm to take inventory of everything that belonged to him. One day he bent over a well to have a drink of water and was immediately grabbed by the underwater tsar Chudo-Yudo. The latter demanded a ransom for Yeremey’s freedom – something that he had no knowledge of in his tsardom. And indeed, Yeremey had no idea that in his absence the Tsarina had given birth to a son. The film tells a story of how, despite all kinds of intrigue and treachery, Andrey, a fisherman’s son, and Barbara met and fell in love with each other, how Tsar Yeremey was put to shame on account of his lazy numskull of a son, and how, in the long run, everything came to a happy end. There are a lot of remarkable adventures, magic changes and other fun in this wonderful fairy-tale movie…

Aleksandr Rou

Aleksandr Rou, Mikhail Chuprin

Dmitrij Surenskij

Arkadij Filippenko

Mikhail Pugovkin, Georgij Millyar, Anatolij Kubatskij, Lidiya Koroleva, Aleksej Katyshev, Sergej Nikolaev, Tat'yana Klyueva, Varvara Popova, Boris Sichkin, Valentina Anan'ina, Vera Petrova, Anastasiya Zueva, Aleksandr Khvylya