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The Adventures of Buratino (DVD NTSC)

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Customer rating:Rating: 4.28 (50 votes cast)

Price:  $19.99 
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Studio(s): Belarus'fil'm, CP Digital
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 1975
DVD release: 2001
Sound format(s): Dolby Digital 5.1
Language(s): Russian
Subtitles: No Subtitles
Format: 4:3
Genre(s): Fairytale, Children film

"The Adventures of Buratino and the Golden Key" was A. Tolstoy's re-telling of the classic story of Pinocchio. A wooden boy Buratino tries to find his place in life. He befriends toys from a toy theater owned by evil Karabas-Barabas, gets tricked by Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat and finally discovers the mystery of a golden key given to him by kind Tortila the Tortoise.

Leonid Nechaev

Inna Vetkina

Yurij Elkhov

Aleksej Rybnikov

Yurij Katin-Yartsev, Rolan Bykov, Nikolaj Grin'ko, Vladimir Etush, Vladimir Basov, Rina Zelenaya, Dmitrij Iosifov, Tat'yana Protsenko, Roman Stolkarts, Tomas Augustinas, Grisha Svetlorusov, Elena Sanaeva, Baadur Tsuladze

Art Director:
Leonid Ershov

Bulat Okudzhava, Yurij Entin

Sound producer:
Pavel Drozdov