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Kino-Eye/ Three Songs Of Lenin (DVD NTSC)

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DVD Region: 1

Format: Black & White
Genre(s): Documentary

Dziga Vertov, whose renegade approach to cinema is best remembered in the legendary "Man With the Movie Camera" and his series of Kino-Pravda newsreels, demonstrates his mastery of montage in this 1924 feature previously unseen in the United States. "Kino-Eye" (1924, 74 min.) is a fascinating film, not just for its aesthetic beauty and political significance, but for honestly documenting a society fresh from revolution, buoyed by idealism, ready to face the challenges of a difficult future. Also included on this DVD is "Three Songs of Lenin" (1934, 62 min.), Vertov's most personal work and the capstone of his career. The film reveals the Soviet leader as seen through the eyes of the people, represented by three songs. The exhilarating beauty of Vertov's images and the majesty of his filmmaking skills produced a film that The New York Times called "a work of unusual beauty and emotional exaltation."

Dziga Vertov