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Air Crew (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): Ruscico, MosFilm
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 1980
DVD release: 2001
Sound format(s): Dolby Digital 5.1
Language(s): Russian, English, French, Spanish (voice-over)
Subtitles: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, English, German
Format: 4:3
Genre(s): Drama

Not for sale in the U.S. and Canada

The first Soviet “disaster” film.
A crew of the plane carrying passengers and cargo gets into a situation, in comparison to which the doomsday may look like a child’s game. The airport where the plane landed is in the throes of an earthquake. The fiery lava is erupting, the ground is giving in under one’s feet, everything around is burning and falling apart, the people are in terror and panic. Just after the plane’s arrival, a new shock of terrible violence occurs. The runway is damaged. Only due to the experience of the daring crew, the plane manages to take off the ground. It seems that the people are safe now, that the most terrible danger is over. However, it turns out that on takeoff the plane suffered numerous damages, one of them being too serious to count on a safe landing…

Special Freatures:
Complete filmography. Photo Album. Music by Alfred Shnitke. Coming soon on DVD.

Aleksandr Mitta

Aleksandr Mitta, Yulij Dunskij, Valerij Frid

Valerij Shuvalov

Alfred Schnittke

Yurij Gorobets, Georgij Zhzhenov, Anatolij Vasil'ev, Leonid Filatov, Aleksandra Yakovleva, Irina Akulova, Ekaterina S. Vasil'eva, Aleksandr Pavlov, Galina Gladkova, Roma Monin, Komaki Kurikhara, Mariya Skvortsova, Aleksandr Pashutin

Art Director:
Anatolij (kh.) Kuznetsov

Sound producer:
Ekaterina Popova-Evans, Vyacheslav Karasev