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Blow The Whistle Twice in The Fog (DVD NTSC)

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Customer rating:Rating: 3.89 (9 votes cast)

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Studio(s): Lenfilm, CP Digital
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 1980
DVD release: 2002
Sound format(s): Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0
Language(s): Russian
Subtitles: English, German, Russian
Format: Widescreen
Genre(s): Detective

A seaplane makes an emergency landing by the lake in unpopulated tundra. It carries a large sum of money. Someone takes all the money, and the only witness is killed. A few days later, the last ship of the navigating season leaves northern port, and its captain has an uneasy puzzle to solve: which passenger was involved in the robbery and murder...

Valerij Rodchenko

Edgar Dubrovskij

Vladimir (o.) Il'in

Arkadij Gagulashvili

Nikolaj Grin'ko, Viktor Proskurin, Aleksandr Porokhovcshikov, Elena Kapitsa, Dagun Omaev, Lyubov' Virolajnen, Andrej Tolubeev, Aleksandr Susnin, Peeter Urbla, Nikolaj Fedortsov

Art Director:
Boris Burmistrov

Sound producer:
Irina Chernyakhovskaya