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A Few Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): Ruscico, MosFilm
DVD Region: ALL
2 DVD Set
Theatrical release: 1979
DVD release: 2002
Sound format(s): Dolby Digital 5.1
Language(s): Russian
Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Russian
Format: 4:3
Genre(s): Drama

Writer-director Nikita Mikhalkov (Burnt by the Sun) combines some accomplished and evocative visuals with a tongue-in-cheek morality play about the price of personal freedom in this 1979 adaptation of the 19th-century Russian novel by Goncharov. Oleg Tabakov plays the title character, an amiable and enigmatic man who, after years of anonymous toiling as a landowner, begins to live his life in a virtual slothlike existence. Oblomov is regarded by others around him as something of a harmless joke, but as he passes the days in bed indulging himself with food and aimless pondering, he reminisces about his childhood and the life he's led, and he discovers a fulfilling poetry to his life. Eventually, though, his celebration of laziness threatens to ruin his life and all he holds dear. The film employs a deft and pastoral visual style to augment the joy and freedom this man feels at being able to control his own destiny, even with tragic results. A challenging and thought-provoking effort, Oblomov is a distinct and original piece of cinema.

Bonus material:
Interviews with Aleksandr Adabashyan, Pavel Lebeshev, Eduard Artemyev; Documentary about actor Andrei Popov; Making of the film; A short documentary "Goncharov's Homeland"; Filmographies

Nikita Mikhalkov

Nikita Mikhalkov, Aleksandr Adabash'yan

Pavel Lebeshev

Eduard Artem'ev

Anatolij Romashin, Nikolaj Pastukhov, Oleg Tabakov, Yurij Bogatyrev, Andrej Popov, Elena Solovej, Avangard Leont'ev, Andrej Razumovskij, Oleg Kozlov, Elena Klecshevskaya, Galina Shostko, Gleb Strizhenov, Evgenij Steblov, Evgeniya Glushenko, Fedor Stukov