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Arsenal (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): K/st im. A. Dovzhenko, Image Entertainment
DVD Region: 1

Theatrical release: 1928
Language(s): Russian
Format: 4:3, Black & White
Genre(s): History

This avant-garde masterpiece from renowned Ukranian director Alexander Dovzhenko employs the most complex and elliptical montage style of any Soviet masters in this treatment of events from the Ukranian Civil War. Based on an actual incident from 1913, the story concerns a group of Bolsheviks who battle counter-revolutionary nationalist troops in Kiev, putting up an Alamo-like defense of their cause inside the city's "Arsenal" munitions plant. Outnumbered by the nationalist troops, the defenders demonstrate their revolutionary spirit in the climactic battle which displays a dazzling mixture of traditional Ukranian folklore with modernist film techniques for a dazzling collage!

Includes optional Audio Commentary by Film Historian Vance Kepley, Author of "In the Service of the State"

Aleksandr Dovzhenko

Aleksandr Dovzhenko

Daniil Demutskij

Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, Igor' Belza

Semen Svashenko, Nikolaj Nademskij, Amvrosij Buchma, Georgij Khor'kov, Dmitrij Erdman, Sergej Petrov

Art Director:
Iosif Shpinel'