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The Golden Horns (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): Ruscico, M.Gorky Film Studio
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 1972
DVD release: 2003
Sound format(s): Dolby Digital 5.1
Language(s): Russian, English (voice over), French (voice over)
Subtitles: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Russian
Format: Widescreen, 16:9
Genre(s): Fairytale, Children film

The film is based on popular Russian fairy tales.

Baba Yaga kidnapped Yevdokia’s two little daughters and turned the girls into beautiful does. Unwilling to resign to her loss, Yevdokia set out in search of the children. She found many volunteers, ready to help the fearless mother in her plight, among them the Sun, the Moon, the Wind and the Deer with the Golden Horns… During her quests, she also met very good people, offering her their help in saving the kids. There are a lot of magical characters, miraculous transformations and adorable juvenile humor in this fairy tale.

Aleksandr Rou

Aleksandr Rou, Lev Potemkin

Yurij D'yakonov

Arkadij Filippenko

Aleksej Smirnov, Mikhail Pugovkin, Georgij Millyar, Boris Sichkin, Anastasiya Zueva, Aleksandr Khvylya, Savelij Kramarov, Vera Altajskaya, Raisa Ryazanova, Lev Potemkin, Margarita Korabel'nikova

Art Director:
Arsenij Klopotovskij

Mikhail Nozhkin

Sound producer:
Dmitrij Bogolepov