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Bed and Sofa. Chess Fever (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): Mezhrabpom-fil'm, Sovkino, MMIV Image Entertainment
DVD Region: ALL
2 DVD Set
Sound format(s): Stereo, Dolby Digital
Language(s): Russian, English
Format: Widescreen
Genre(s): Comedy

Bed and Sofa.
Russia, 1927, B&W, 87 mins
Directed by Abram Room
Daring for its time (or any time), Bed and Sofa is the story of a love triangle between a woman and two men living together in a one-room basement apartment in 1927 Moscow. When Liuda becomes pregnant and no one knows which husband is the father, she must determine her own future. With an involving plot, comic invention, pathos, naturalistic performances, and highly-charged use of space and objects, director Abram Room illuminates the lives of the characters but without offering a simplistic resolution. Instead he successfully uses their personal stories to probe complex issues of lingering patriarchy and female self-sufficiency in the new Society. As a bonus, this DVD also includes Chess Fever, a witty and ingenious satire on the chess craze which swept Moscow at the time of the International Tournament there.

Russia, 1925, B&W, 28 mins
Directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Nikolai Shpikovsky
Music composed and performed by Roger White
A Keatonesque comedy in which a young man"s passion for the game threatens to wreck his marriage.

Vsevolod Pudovkin, Abram Room, Nikolaj Shpikovskij

Viktor Shklovskij, Abram Room, Nikolaj Shpikovskij

Anatolij Golovnya

Lyudmila Semenova, Yulij Rajzman, Mikhail Zharov, Nikolaj Batalov, Ivan Koval'-Samborskij, Yakov Protazanov, Fedor Otsep, Boris Barnet, Konstantin Eggert, Anatoly Ktorov, Mariya Yarotskaya, Andrej Yurenev, Vladimir Fogel'

Art Director:
Vasilij Rakhal's, Sergej Yutkevich