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The Envy of Gods (DVD NTSC)

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Studio(s): Krupnyj Plan, ZhANR
DVD Region: ALL

Theatrical release: 2000
DVD release: 2004
Language(s): Russian
Format: 4:3
Genre(s): Melodrama

The events of this film take place in Moscow in 1983. Two people meet and fall in love - Sonya and Andre. Sonya is a TV editor, she has a teenage son and a husband - quite a successful writer. Andre is a journalist from France, he has a family in Paris. Sonya has always been a faithful wife, but now she is overwhelmed by this sudden passion. For a few days, Sonya and Andre are absolutely happy. The Gods have not remained indifferent...

Vladimir Men'shov

Vladimir Men'shov, Marina Mareeva

Vadim Alisov

Viktor Lebedev

Natal'ya Kharakhorina, Viktor Pavlov, Larisa Udovichenko, Gerard Depardieu, Vera Alentova, Vadim Prokhorov, Vladlen Davydov, Ludmila Ivanova, Yurij Kolokol'nikov, Aleksandr Feklistov, Marina Dyuzheva, Irina Skobtseva, Anatolij Lobotskij

Vladimir Men'shov, Aleksandr (p.) Litvinov

Art Director:
Valerij Filippov

Sound producer:
Ol'ga Il'ina