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St. Petersburg (DVD NTSC)

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DVD Region: ALL

DVD release: 2002
Language(s): English
Format: 4:3, Full Screen
Genre(s): Documentary, Museum, art & architecture

DVD presents St. Petersburg sightseeing tour including interiors of the Hermitage Museum, the Russian Art Museum, Saint-Isaac Cathedral, Cathedral of Kazan, Peter-and-Paul Cathedral, Smolny Cathedral.
Bird’s eye view opens a captivating panorama of the northern capital of Russia with its squares, gardens, rivers and canals and unforgettable white nights.
You can see a street festival on the city’s anniversary celebration.
Narration is accompanied by classical and modern music performed by the best musicians of Saint Petersburg.

In addition: three promotional trailers "Parks and Places of Russian Tsars", "Peterhof", "Tsarskoe Selo".