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The Cyrillo-Belozersky Monastery Chants (CD)

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Label: IMLab

Год выпуска: 2003

Игорь Ушаков
Valaam Breathren Choir, Male Choir of the Valaam Institute for Choral Art

The rich singing traditions of the Cyrillo-Belozersky Monastery that started with Vasily Rogov and high level of artictic and musicial atmosphere in which the undoubtely highly talented singers lived and worked have come down to us in the in the form of manuscript music books, setting out the rules of liturgical singing at one of the greatest monasteries in the north of Russia. This collection of church hymns is, without doubt, one of the jewels in both the professional church singing culture of the 16th and 17th century Russia and in the world's musical culture as a whole.

The Cyrillo-Belozersky Monastery Chants

1. Blessed is the man
2. O, gladsome radiance
3. Our Holy Father Cyril
4. Lord, now let Thy servant by Thy word depart in peace
5. From my youth
6. Bless the Name of the Lord
7. It is truly meet
8. Who is this King og Glory?
9. The Only-Begotten Son
10. Cherubic Hymn
11. Now the Powers of the Heaven
12. It is truly meet
13. Hymn of Grand Compline
14. Come, oh brothers, give the last kiss
15. As a flower withers
16. Holy Father Cyril

Total time 58:55

The Male Choir of the "Valaam" Institute for Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov

Распевы Кирилло-Белозерского Монастыря

1. Блажен муж
2. Свете тихий
3. Преподобие отче наш Кирилле
4. Ныне отпущаеши
5. От юности моея
6. Хвалите Имя Господне
7. Достойно есть (“Кирилловское”)
8. Кто есть сей Царь Славы?
9. Единородный Сыне
10. Херувимская песнь
11. Ныне силы небесныя
12. Достойно есть
13. День прешед
14. Приидите, последнее целование дадим
15. Яко цвет увяде
16. Отче преподобие Кирилле

Время звучания 58:55

Мужской хор Института певческой культуры “Валаам”
Дирижер Игорь Ушаков

IMLab, 2003. IMLCD 045