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Golden Series of Russian Choral Music: P. Chesnokov - Vespers, Op.44 (CD)

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Label: IMLab

Год выпуска: 2002

Павел Чесноков
Ольга Ступнева

Pavel CHESNOKOV (1877-1944)

Vespers, Op.44 Concertos for soloists and choir a capella
1. The evening prayer
2-10. Vespers for mixed choir and capella, Op.44
11. My Soul doth magnify the Lord
12. Dost Thou not deny me in my old age
13. Pre-eternal council
14. The Angel cried
15. God is with us

Total time 61:19
Recorded in 2002 in Studio Katharinenkirche
St Petersburg

The "Rozhdestvo" Choir of Solo Singers of St Petersburg Philharmonia
Artistic Director and conductor: Olga Stupneva

IM Lab, 2002. IMLCD 147