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Henry Purcell - Music for a white songs (CD)

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Label: Classound

Год выпуска: 2003

Генри Перселл

1. Oh Lead to Some Peaceful Gloom
2. Fairest Isle
3. Ah, How Sweet it is to Love
4. He Himself Courts His Own Ruin
5. That was within a Furlong
6. Sweet, Be the Food of Love
7. Who Can Behold Florella’s Charms
8-9. If Music Be the Food of Love
10. Sylvia, Now Your Scorn Give Over
11. The Thraldom [I Come, I Saw, and Was Undone]
12. Strike the Viol
13. What a Sad Fate
14. Lovely Albina Come Ashore
15. Ah, What Pains, What Racking Thoughts
16. What Can We Poor Females Do
17. In Vain against Love I Strove
18. Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move
19. Celia Has the Thousand Charms
20. There’s Not a Swain on the Plain
21. Man is for the Women Made
22. Sweeter than Rose
23. Since from my Dear Astrea
24. I Attempt from Love’s Sickness
25. Music for a while

Tatjana Belyakova, soprano
Alexander Sujetin, tiorba

Recorded at the concert at the Glinka’s Museum, October, 1993

Classound, 2003. 003-080