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Handel - Judas Maccabaeus (2 CDs) (2 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Elite Classics

Георг Фридрих Гендель

CD 1 (77.07)
1. Overture
2. Israelites - Mourn ye afflictid children
3. Israelitish Man and Woman - Well may your sorrows
4. Israelitish Man and Woman - From this dread scene
5. Israelites - For Sion lamentation make
6. Simon - Not vain is all this storm of grief
7. Israelitish man - Pious orgies
8. Israelites - Oh Father whose almighty power
9. Simon - I feel I feel the Deity within
10. Simon - Arm arm ye brave - Israelites - We come we come in bright array
11. Judas Macabaeus -This well my friends
12. Judas Macabaeus - Call forth thy powers
13. Israelitish man - To heaven s almighty king we kneel
14. Israelitish man - Oh liberty thou choicest treasure
15. Israelitish woman - Come ever-smiling liberty
16. Israelitish man - Oh judas may these noble views inspire - This liberty
17. Israelitish man and woman - Come ever smiling liberty
18. Israelites - Lead on lead on
19. Judas Macabaeus - So willed my father now at rest
20. Israelites - Disdainful of danger
21. Judas Macabaeus - Ambition if ever honour was thine aim - No unhallowed desire
22. Israelitish man - Haste we my brethren - Hear us oh lord
23. Israelites - Fallen is th foe
24. Israelitish man - Victorious hero - So rapid thy course is
25. Israelitish man - Well may we hope our freedom to receive - Sion now her head shall raise - Tune your harps
26. Israelitish woman - Oh let eternal honours crown his name
27. Israelitish woman - From mighty kings he took the spoil
28. Israelitish man and woman - Hail hail judea happy land - hail hail hudea happy land

CD 2
1. Thanks to my brethren
2. How vain is man who boasts in fight
3. Oh Judas oh my brethren
4. Ah wrenshed Israel - Ah wrenched Israel
5. Be comforted
6. The Lord worketh wonders
7. My arms against this Gorgias will I go - Sound an alarm -We hear
8. Enough to heaven we leave the rest
9. With pious hearts
10. Ye worshippers of God
11. Wise men flattering may deseive you
12. Oh never never bow we down - We never never will bow down
13. Father of heaven
14. See see yon flames
15. Oh grant it heaven - So shall the lute and harp awake
16. From Capharsalama
17. See the conqering hero comes – March
18. Sing unto God
19. Sweet flow the strains
20. With honour let desert be crowned
21. Peace to my countrymen
22. To our great God
23. Again to earth let gratitude descend
24. Oh lovely peace
25. Rejoice oh Judah
26. Hallelujah Amen

Schlierbacher Motettenchor & Chamber Orchestra conducted by Thomas Fey

Recorded in 1992

Elite Classics