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Handel: The Organ Concertos, op. 7 (2 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Elite Classics

Георг Фридрих Гендель

The Organ Concertos, op. 7

CD 1
6 Concerti per I’organo opus 7
Concerto no. 1 in B flat major HWV 306

1. Andante
2. Andante Adagio
3. Largo e piano
4. Allegro
5. Organo ab libitum: Adagio from sonata for Harpsichord in G minor
6. Bourree: Allegro
Concerto no. 2 in A major HWV 307
7. Ouverture
8. A tempo ordinario
9. Organo ad libitum: Adagio from Sonata for Violin and Continuo in A major
10. Allegro
Concerto no. 3 in B flat major HWV 308
11. Allegro
12. Organo ad libitum: Adagio Fuge Adagio from the Ouverture to “Giuestino” Fige: no. 3 (HWV 607) in B flat major from the “6 Fugues for Harpsichord” (1735)
13. Spiritoso
14. Menuet
Concerto no. 4 in D minor HWV 309
15. Adagio
16. Allegro cosi cosi
17. Organo ad libitum: Fuga. Larghetto Transcription of part of chorus “Eternal monarch of the sky” from the oratorio “Joseph and his Brethren”
18. Allegro
Soloists: Anthony Pleeth
Richard Webb, violincello I & II:
Alastair Mitchell Felix Warnock,
Bassoon I & II

CD 2
Concerto no. 5 in G minor HWV 310

1. Staccato ma non troppo allegro
2. Antande larghetto e staccato
3. Menuet
4. Gavotte
Concerto no. 6 in B flat major HWV 311
5. Pomposo
6. Organo ad libitum: Air. Lentement from an unpublished Sinfonia in B flat major (an earlier version of the Organ Concerto)
7. Air. A tempo ordinario

Bonus Tracks
Organ Concerto in F major HWV 295
“The Cucko and the Nightingale”

8. Larghetto
9. Allegro
10. Larghetto
11. Allegro
Organ Concerto in A major HWV 296
12. Largo e staccato
13. Organo ad libitum: Fuga. Allegro from Sonata for violin and Continuo in A major
14. Andante
15. Grave
16. Allegro
Organ Concerto in D minor HWV 304
17. Andante
18. Organo ad libitum: Adagio. Fuga Adagio from Suite no. 2 in F major from: “Suites de Pieces pour le Clavecin” I Fuga:Transcription of part of chorus “O God who in thy heav’nly hand” from the oratorio “Joseph and his Brethren”
19. Allegro

Scoring: solo organ, oboe I & II, bassoon
strings (6/6/4/3/2), theorbo, harpsichord
The English Concert on authentic instruments
Directed from the harpsichord by: Trevor Pinnock

Elite Classics