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Countertenors - James Bowman, Michael Chance, Alfred Deller, Mark Deller (CD)

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Label: Aquarius

Год выпуска: 2003

Генри Перселл

Contertenor Duets and Solos
by Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

1. Sing, sing ye druids
from Bonduca Z574
MC JB recorders viol theorbo harpsichord
2. In vain the am’rous flute
from Hail, bright Cecilia, Z328
JB MC recorders viol theorbo organ
3. O solitude my sweetest choice Z 406
JB organ theorbo
4. Sound the trumpet
from Come ye Sons of Art, Z323
MC JB viol theorbo harpsichord
5. O dive custos Auriacae domus Z514
(An Elegy upon the Death of Queen Mary)
MC JB viol organ
6. No, resistance is but vain
from The Maid’s Last Prayer Z601
JB MC viol theorbo organ
7. Hark how the songsters
from Timon of Athens Z632
MC JB recorders viol theorbo harpsichord
8. Incassum, Lesbia, rogas Z383
(‘The Queen’s Epicedium’)
MC viol organ

James Bowman, Michael Chance, The King’s Consort
Marion Scott, alto recorder (Friedrich von Huene after Stanesby Jr)
Catherine Latham, alto recorder (Thomas Prescott after Bressan)
Alison Crum, bass viol (Robert Eyland after Thomas Bertrand, 1704)
David Miller, theorbo, baroque lute (after originals)
Robert King, harpsichord (Alan Gotto after Ruckers, 1637)
chamber organ (Justin Sillman, after originals)
Robert King, director

Folksongs XIII – XVII Centuries
9. The three Ravens (Anonyme)
10. Black is the colour of my true love’s hair (Anonyme)
11. Sweet nymph, come to thy lover (Thomas Morley)
12. I go before my darling (Thomas Morley)
13. The Oak and the Ash (Anonyme)
14. Barbara Allen (Anonyme)
15. Lord Rendall (Anonyme)
16. Water is wide (Anonyme)
17. The Tailor and the Mouse (Anonyme)
18. Down by the sally Garden’s (Anonyme)
19. I will give my love an Apple (Anonyme)
20. Miraculous love’s wounding (Thomas Morley)
21. Sweet Kate (Robert Jones)
22. Bushes and Briars (Anonyme)
23. The foggy, foggy Dew (Anonyme)
24. She moved through the fair (Anonyme)
25. The Evening Prayer (Anonyme)

Alfred Deller & Mark Deller, countertenors
Desmond Dupre, lute & guitar

Recorded in 1987, 1972

Aquarius, 2003. AQVR 149-2