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A Requiem For the Fate of the Jews - Simon Leon Lazar (CD)

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Label: Gega New

Год выпуска: 1996
Время звучания: 71:28

Simon Leon Lazar
Simon Leon Lazar


1. Prologue 3"54
2. I. Life 3"19
3. II. The Black Shadow 4"50

III. Holocaust
4. The Hell 1"37
5. The Trains 2"13
6. The Death Camps 4"28
7. The Extermination 2"41
8. Cremation 3"23

IV. Hopes and Destruction
9. (Lord, Take our Souls into the Garden of Eden) 7"04
10. Annihilation 2"32

V. Deliverance
11. Survival 3"03
12. Divine Beginning 3"47
13. Hymn to Rescue 3"22

14. VI. Retrospection 6"34

VII. The Eternal Spirit
15. Space 2"16
16. The Hands of Time 6"13
17. Homage 5"08

18. Epilogue 4"29

Composed, Arranged, Performed and Produced by Simon Leon Lazar
Nos 6 and 9 - Based on wellknown Jewish prayers and motifs
Nos 7,8 and 15 - Composed, Arranged and Performed by Val Lazar

With the participation of:
Lea Frank, Albena Bernstein, Maxim Eschkenazi, Emily Lazar
The Jewish synagogal Choir conducted by Veniz Levy

The composition entitled HOLOCAUST was created in the periods from March to April 1993 and November 1994 to May 1995, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the death camps. The premiere for parts III and V was on the 9th May 1993 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. Recording and mixing were carried out between the 20th December 1995 and the 15th February 1996 in SL Computer Music Studio. No. 9 was recorded in the synagogue in Sofia.
This compact disc is produced in cooperation with the "Shalom" organisation for Jews in Bulgaria.

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