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Tchaikovsky - Cherevichki - Gennady Rozhdestvensky (3 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Dynamic

Год выпуска: 2000
Год записи: 2000
Время звучания: 173 min

Петр Чайковский
Геннадий Рождественский
Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Lirico di Cagliari

CD1 58"43"
Overture 11"39"
Ah, how silvery the moon shines (Solocha) 08"24"
She"s got really warmed up (Bex) 09"28"
Just look at the snowstorm (Oksana) 01 "59"
A little apple tree was blossoming in the garden (Oksana) 06"27"
She never takes her eyes off herself (Vakula) 06"23"
Look at the way you are! (Oksana) 01"41"
What"s all this noise? (Oksana) 06"23"
If only people were a bit more intelligent (Oksana) 06" 14"

CD 2 48"34"
Intermezzo 01" 34"
The storm has swept my broomstick away (Solocha) 05"55"
Now that"s what I call now (Go/ova) 03"26"
Is anyone in? (Schoolmaster) 03"00"
A woman runs after the devil (Schoolmaster) 04"08"
Greetings! (Cub) 02"32"
I don"t feel well... (Schoolmaster) 0837"
A year has gone by... (Vakula) 03"31"
Good evening! (Chorus) 06"09"
Oksana, why are you so late? (Chorus) 07"21"
My shoes aren"t very big (Oksana) 03" 19"
Ah, Vakula, you"re here again (Oksana) 05"56"

CD 3 67"29"
Intermezzo 02"50"
It is dark, too dark (Chorus of Undines) 04"33"
Where have I come to? (Vakula) 01 "09"
Who knows, my girl, if your heart can feel may pain (Vakula) 06"26"
We are there (Bes) 09"52"
Before we start the dances (His Serene Highness) 06"30"
Did you have a good journey? (His Serene Highness) 03"40"
Russian dance 04"43"
Cossack dance 03"21"
In the Czarina"s family theatre (Master of Ceremonies) 02"43"
Some say he threw himself into the river! (Solocha) 04"52"
We invite you to our house (Chorus of women) 03"09"
If you want to drink honey (Chorus) 07"07"
Strong winds, do not blow in the thick woods (Chorus) 06"27"

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