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Beethoven, Handel - The Early Clarinet Family - Keith Puddy (CD)

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Label: Clarinet Classics

Год выпуска: 2006
Время звучания: 65:16

Людвиг ван Бетховен, Георг Фридрих Гендель
Gary Brodie, Keith Puddy

"No praise can be to high for this issue, expertly and stylishly played, beautifully recorded and immaculately documented."
Musical Times

Duets: Allegro
Duets: Allegro
Duets: Andante
Duets: Andante
Duets: Allegro

Performer by Keith Puddy, Gary Brodie

George Frideric Handel:
Ov: Moderato-Allegro Ma Non Troppo
Ov: Larghetto
Ov: Andante Allegro
Ov: Allegro

Performer by Keith Puddy, Gary Brodie, Susan Dent

Christoph Graupner:
Ste: Ov
Ste: Gavotte
Ste: Air
Ste: Air
Ste: La Speranza
Ste: Air
Ste: Manuet

Performer by Keith Puddy, Gary Brodie, Paul Price

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Duo No.3 in B flat, WoO 27: Allegro Sostenuto
Duo No.3 in B flat, WoO 27: Aria Con Vars (Andantino Con Moto-Allegro Assai)

Performer by Keith Puddy, Alastair Mitchell

Franz Danzi:
Son in F, Op.62: Larghetto-Allegretto
Son in F, Op.62: Larghetto Sostenuto
Son in F, Op.62: Allegretto

Performer by Keith Puddy, Malcolm Martineau

Keith Puddy - early clarinets
Gary Brodie, Paul Price - early clarinets
Susan Dent - baroque horn
Alistair Mitchell - 8 keyed bassoon
Malcolm Martineau - fortepiano

The first in a series of recordings featuring the sounds of period clarinets.
Also featured are Graupner"s Suite and some anonymous duets.
Keith Puddy brings his expertise in the world of the world of the early clarinet to a delightful programme of music. A disc which will be treasured by lovers of original instruments and those curious to hear the forerunners of the modern instruments.