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Handel - Israel in Egypt - Harry Christophers, The Sixteen Choir & Orchestra (2 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Regis Records

Год выпуска: 1999
Время звучания: 141:39

Георг Фридрих Гендель
The Sixteen Choir & Orchestra

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)

CD 1
Israel in Egypt: Part One

1. Largo assai
2. The sons of Israel do mourn
3. He put on righteousness
4. When the ear heard him
5. How is the mighty fall"n
6. He deliver"d the poor that cried
7. How is the mighty fall"n!
8. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance
9. Their bodies are buried in peace
10. The people will tell of their wisdom
11. They shall receive a glorious kingdom
12. The merciful goodness of the Lord

Organ Concerto in F (HWV 295)

13. I.Largo
14. II.Allegro
15. Adagio(ad libatum)

Part Three: Moses"song

8. Introitus: Chorus: Moses and the children of Israel
9. Chorus: I will sing unto the Lord
10. Duet:(Sopranos 1 & 2): The Lord is my strength and song
11. Chorus: He is my God
12. Chorus: And I will exalt Him
13. Duet:(Bass 1 & 2): The Lord is the man of war
14. Chorus: The depths have covered them
15. Chorus: The right hand, O Lord
16. Chorus: And in the greatness of Thine excellency
17. Chorus: Thou sentest forth Thy wrath
18. Chorus: And with the blast
19. Air:(Tenor): The enemy said "I will pursue"
20. Air:(Soprano 1): Thou didst blow with the wind
21. Chorus: Who is like unto Thee, O Lord
22. Chorus: The Earth swallowed them
23. Duet:(Alto, Tenor): Thou in Thy mercy
24. Chorus: The people shall hear
25. Air:(Alto): Thou Shalt bring them in
26. Chorus: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever
27. Recitative:(Tenor): For the horse of Pharaoh
28. Chorus: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever
29. Recitative:(Tenor): And Miriam the prophetess
30. Solo:(Soprano 1 and Chorus): Sing ye the Lord

Organ Concerto HWV 295(Cont)

16. III.Larghetto
17. IV. Allegro
18. Adagio(ad libatum)

Part Two

19. Recitative: Tenor: Now there arose a new King over Egypt
20. Chorus: And The childrenof Israel sighed
21. Recitative:(Tenor): Then sent he Moses
22. Chorus: They loathed to drink of the river
23. Air:(Alto): Their land brought forth frogs
24. Chorus: He spake the word
25. Chorus: He gave them hailstones for rain
26. Chorus: He sent a thick darkness over the land
27. Chorus: He smote all the first-born of Egypt

CD 2

Part Two

1. Chorus: But as for His people
2. Chorus: Egypt was glad when they departed
3. Chorus: He rebuked the Red Sea
4. Chorus: He led them trough the deep
5. Chorus: But the waters overwhelmed their enemies
6. Chorus: And Israel saw that great work
7. Chorus: And believed the Lord

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