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Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Selected Masterpieces (6 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Dynamic

Год выпуска: 2007

Giuliana Corni, Луиджи Альберто Бьянчи, Альдо Орвието, Arturo Bonucci, Marta Mazzini

As a composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel has often been catalogued as a typical exponent of the Biedermeier style - brilliant, carefree, drawing-room music; in reality, however, his best works evince a wealth of invention and a variety of stylistic and expressive solutions that go well beyond the limits of musical Biedermeier. A pupil of Mozart’s and Clementi’s, a friend of Beethoven’s though he was, in his works Hummel proved to be a composer who looked towards the future, albeit without denying the past. Our boxed set brings together some of the most important and creative of Hummel’s piano compositions, and an ample selection of chamber and concert pieces.

Piano Works (Vol.1)
Giuliana Corni,
Piano Works (Vol.2)
Giuliana Corni,
Piano Works (Vol.3)
Giuliana Corni,
Works for violin, viola and piano
Luigi Alberto Bianchi,
Aldo Orvieto,
Complete Works for cello and piano
Arturo Bonucci,
Aldo Orvieto
Works for flute, viola, mandolin and fortepiano
Marta Mazzini,
Jodi Levitz,
Dorina Frati,
Stefano Fiuzzi,
I Solisti di Fiesole
Nicola Paszkowski,

CDS 554/1-6