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Greatest Hits - Bad Boys Blue (2 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Star Mark

Год выпуска: 2009

Bad Boys Blue

CD 1
1. You're a woman    
2. A world without you    
3. Kiss you all over, baby    
4. Bad reputation    
5. Lady in black    
6. Show me the way    
7. Pretty young girl    
8. Come back and stay    
9. Kisses and tears (My one and only)    
10. I wanna hear your heartbeat (Sunday girl)    
11. House of silence    
12. I totally miss you    
13. Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady)    
14. Lonely weekend    
15. Queen of Hearts    
16. Hot girls bad boys    
17. ... for love    
18. How I need you    
19. Luv 4 u    
20. Hold you in my arms    
CD 2
1. You're a woman '98 (extended rap version)    
2. From heart to heart    
3. Lover on the line    
4. Pretty young girl '98    
5. Do what you do (rap edit)    
6. Come back and stay '98    
7. A bridge of heartaches    
8. The power of the night    
9. Kiss you all over, baby '99    
10. S.O.S. for love (rap edit)    
11. Follow the light    
12. Hungry for love '99 (rap edit)    
13. Back to the future    
14. Listen to your heart    
15. Rhythm of rain    
16. Ride on a star    
17. L'll be good    
18. From Heaven to heartache (rap edit)    
19. Queen of my dreams (extended mix)    
20. Still in love (Almighty 12 LM edit)