1812-1815. Foreign Campaign (subtitles)

1812-1815. Foreign Campaign (subtitles)

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This docudrama / historical reenactment continues the account of the Napoleonic Wars with the Russian army’s long journey from the burning down of Moscow to their victory in Paris including the Battle of Dresden and the Battle of Kulm; the French defeat near Leipzig; the Russian army’s military operations in France and the assault on the French capital by the Russian bayonets which finally liberated Europe from Napoleon’s dictatorship.

Theatrical feature film-style cinematography was used in the reconstruction of this epic military campaign from the battle episodes, the dialogue between characters and battle plans to the biographies of the military leaders. Battle sites, fortresses, cities and the everyday life of the soldiers during the campaign were created in stunning CGI animation. Military uniforms from all the fighting nations, the cold steel and firearms of the infantry and cavalry, artillery and other military equipment of the time have been specially recreated for the production of this magnificent and epic series.

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