A Photo for the Bad Memory (criminal melodrama) (subtitles)

A Photo for the Bad Memory (criminal melodrama) (subtitles)

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Also known as: A Picture to Remember

Masha is in love with Igor, her college mate, and wants to marry him, but he does not seem in much of a hurry to lead the girl to the altar. In a moment of sudden desperation, Masha decides to try and spur on her dawdling fiancé by applying to the local registry office for a civil marriage with the first man she chances to meet. The thwarted Igor soon realises his mistake and tries to win Masha back, but it seems to be too late. In the meantime, Masha did not expect that her new relationship that began as a joke will soon develop into true love. Fortune, however, smiles on Igor when his loathed rival suddenly disappears right before the wedding. Now it seems that nothing can stand in the way of Igor starting a new life with Masha after all.

This could have been the end of the story, if it were not for a chance photograph taken by a guest at their wedding. After a few years that unfortunate picture will turn the heroes' lives upside down.

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