A Simple Story

A Simple Story

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The war was over. Like many of her female friends, Sasha Potapova was left a widow. It was hard living without a man’s shoulder to lean on, without love and affection, yet no one had ever seen her crying or despairing. For her strong character, the fellow-villagers elected her a collective farm chairwoman. The work, with its cares and worries, helped all but forget about her personal misfortune and woman’s loneliness. And then she fell in love – a bittersweet, unshared love, but happy anyway…

Even if the story were only about how Sasha Potapova was heroically raising her collective farm, this would have been a wonderful movie anyway, because every dramaturgical turn, every character touch and camera shot is invested with a powerful and unconquerable truth of life. But, actually, the film is about love, the kind of love without which “to live on earth, perhaps, is easier, but how can one live without love…” (“Song about Love” to music by Mark Fradkin became very popular upon the film’s release). And the brilliant performance by Nonna Mordyukova (her best role) and Mikhail Ulyanov makes this film an instant classic that will endure.

Quote: “You’re a good man, but not an eagle!”

1960 box-office leader – 46.8 million viewers.

Special features:
From an interview with Mikhail Ulyanov;
Photo album “in memory of Mikhail Ulyanov: film. theatre. life”;

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