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Priya Saxena(Kareena) is a law student who goes to work for a barrister. But she leaves the address of the house behind and lands up in Raj(Akshay)'s house where incidentally a house maid is awaited. Raj mistakes her for a house maid and makes her work for him and eventually falls in love. They marry and soon expect a baby and Raj buys a costly bungalow to live in as he expects promotion. But his new MD Sonia(Priyanka) calls him home to discuss a problem and attempts to harass him sexually. When Raj refuses, she puts the blame on him and reports this to her husband Roy(Amrish Puri) who demands a resignation from Raj. Raj files a case against Sonia. Priya who doesn't know about this is shocked but is determined to save her husband. It is at that time when Raj tells Priya that he had been involved with Sonia in the past and how they broke up due to differences of opinion. Sonia's lawyer cleverly projects the case in Soni'a favor. The climax is about how Priya collects evidence to support her husband which will help her win the case. The song 'I wanna make love' is an excellent one, bringing the chemistry of Akshay and Priyanka at its peak. Priyanka has done a very good job in the film and so have the lawyers of Raj and Sonia. A must watch film.

Summary written by Samyukthaa Raaaj

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