Alberto Franchetti - Germania - Ventre C.,Lindstrom L.,Caproni B.

Alberto Franchetti - Germania - Ventre C.,Lindstrom L.,Caproni B.

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It is a fact probably known to just a few people today that it was an Italian composer who took a chapter of German history from the early 19th century as the setting for an opera, calling it „Germania“ (= Germany). The opera tells the story of a private tragedy against the background of the German rebellion against Napoleon’s occupational forces. Such clashes eventually led up to the Battle of Nations at Leipzig in 1813. In its series of DVDs of forgotten operas, Capriccio now presents the first performance of the opera „Germania“ in Germany staged since 1908. Kirsten Harms presented a sensational new production of this work at the Deutsche Oper Berlin in 2006.

Giovanni Filippo Palm - Ante Jerkunica
Federico Loewe - Carlo Ventre
Carlo Worms - Bruno Caproni
Crisogono - Markus Bruck
Ricke - Lise Lindstrom
Jane - Sarah van der Kemp
Lene Armuth - Ceri Williams
Jebbel - Jacjuelyn Wagner
Jebbel(Kind) - Dominik Broecker
II Pastore protestante Stapps - Arutjun Kotchinian
Luigi Adolfo Guglielmo Lutzow - Harold Wilson
Carlo Teodoro Korner - Paul Kaufmann
II Capo della Palizia tedesca - Hyung-Wook Lee
Una donna - Nicole Piccolomini
Un poliziotto - Max Uwe Stieren

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