Alien Girl (Chuzhaya) (Anton Bormatov crime drama) (subtitles)

Alien Girl (Chuzhaya) (Anton Bormatov crime drama) (subtitles)

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A Ukrainian mob boss sends a group of henchmen to capture a woman hiding out in the Czech Republic. The plan backfires when she turns out to be a ruthless killer and pits her captors against each other.


"This is a straightforward gangster movie set in Eastern Europe. A few soldiers of a crime boss are sent to retrieve a girl in another country. Suffice to say not everything works out exactly as planned. This movie has strong interpersonal relationships that the action revolves around, leading to a fairly well executed conclusion. Nothing too outlandish appears in this film, but it is a very solid watch. Great directing, and good acting from all the actors involved. The action is gritty and well done. It has a distinct mood, often portraying the bleakness associated with the gangster lifestyle and there is some sparse dark humor. The pacing is good, the story is intriguing enough, good dialogue, and overall good film."

                (from a review by mwani751)

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