An Alien Son (4 episodes) (subtitles)

An Alien Son (4 episodes) (subtitles)

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25 year-old Anna is married to Vadim, a successful businessman and owner of a construction firm. Vadim's first wife had died some years ago, and their fifteen year-old son, Yegor is now studying at a technical school in London. Vadim is twenty years older than Anna, and their age difference sometimes creates problems, as their relationship often seems more like that of a father and daughter.

Anna is grateful to Vadim for all he does for her but is upset that he does not take her seriously, because Anna dreams one day of becoming a famous photographer. Their relationship is beset by more complications when Yegor arrives home from the UK to spend his vacation. The boy, believing that Anna has only married his father for his money, starts to make life hell for his stepmother. In despair, Anna makes a dreadful mistake that leads to a chain of fatal events ending in a horrendous car accident in which Vadim is killed and Yegor is seriously injured. The doctors’ verdict is devastating - the boy has a severe spinal injury and will never be able to walk again.

In a desperate attempt to make amends, Anna decides to try and set Yegor back on his feet at all costs. Physiotherapist Roman Gromov gives Anna his 'shoulder' as support. In doing so, he will also help Anna to better understand herself, discover her talents and learn the meaning of true love.

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