Arkady Shilkloper - Presente para Moscou

Arkady Shilkloper - Presente para Moscou

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  • Label(s): JARO
  • Year of release: 2005
  • Recording length: 50:27
  • 1 Dance Seven
  • 2 Berimbaoduo
  • 3 Beer for 'bird'
  • 4 Funk Horn
  • 5 Presente para Moscou
  • 6 Nida
  • 7 Carnival
  • 8 Serafima
  • 9 Step by step
    1. Dance Seven 05:13
    2. Berimbaoduo 05:06
    3. Beer For Bird 05:37
    4. Funk Horn 04:44
    5. Presente Para Moscou 07:47
    6. Nida 03:38
    7. Carnival 03:23
    8. Serafima 08:52
    9. Step By Step 05:33

    The AlbumThe story of this album began in February 2000, when Arkady Shilklopers colleagues from the Vienna Art Orchestra, the Brazilian guitarist Alegre Correa and the Austrian double-bassist Georg Breinschmid, made their first visit to Moscow at his invitation. Having met them at Sheremetyevo airport, they had walked to the waiting bus. Sitting in the bus and not paying any attention to Moscow's winter landscapes, Alegre immersed himself in writing a musical theme which he completed just as we approached the hotel.
    Alegre dedicated it to the city and titeled it "PRESENTE PARA MOSCOU". Each of the 12 musician guests, who took part in the recording, presented to Moscow and the Moscow audience a part of his soul, love and talent, which is why his composition "PRESENTE PARA MOSCOU" fits as the title of the entire album. Beside Alegre Correa and Georg Breinschmid, well known guests appear on this Album like Dhafer Youssef, Adrian Mears, Robertinho Silva and others.

Arkady Shilkloper - Presente para Moscou - 40257 - Contemporary music

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