At the beginning of glorious days

At the beginning of glorious days

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The second part of the two films made after A. Tolstoy’s novel “Peter the First” (first part – “The Youth of Peter the Great”) by the classic of Russian cinema Sergey Gerasimov (“Quiet Flows the Don”, “The Young Guard”).

Late 17th century. With no access to the sea, Russia suffers great losses in foreign trade. Peter tries to capture the Turkish fortress of Azov, but with no success: he can win only if he has a fleet. Peter’s ukases provoke the Boyars’ indignation. Europe looks in amazement: the Russian tsar begins to work at a Dutch shipyard learning the subtleties of shipbuilding?! But his training is cut short. Peter has to return to Russia in order to brutally suppress the Streltsy rebellion organized by his sister Sophia.

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