Ballad of a Soldier
This film had a triumphant run over the world’s movie screens. The main hero is a Russian soldier, Alyosha Skvortsov, one of the many who made the victory over Fascism possible. He is neither an action movie hero, nor a conqueror. This simple boy, who was panic-stricken at the first sight of an enemy tank, overcomes his fear and manages to hit two enemy machines. However, battle scenes do not take much of the film’s time. For his fighting exploits Alyosha is awarded a two-day’s leave to visit his mother. He meets many different people on his way and is ready to help everybody. That leaves him just a few minutes to spend with his mother – a few words, a hug, and he is off for the front again… to never come back.

Special Freatures: Pictures and filmography of the film’s authors; Candids from the shooting ground; An interview with the director G. Chukhrai; Newsreels of the 1941 parade in Red Square.

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