Barbara The Fair With The Silken Hair
Once upon a time there lived a tsar by the name of Yeremey. He went on a year-long travel over his realm to take inventory of everything that belonged to him. One day he bent over a well to have a drink of water and was immediately grabbed by the underwater tsar Chudo-Yudo. The latter demanded a ransom for Yeremey’s freedom – something that he had no knowledge of in his tsardom. And indeed, Yeremey had no idea that in his absence the Tsarina had given birth to a son. The film tells a story of how, despite all kinds of intrigue and treachery, Andrey, a fisherman’s son, and Barbara met and fell in love with each other, how Tsar Yeremey was put to shame on account of his lazy numskull of a son, and how, in the long run, everything came to a happy end. There are a lot of remarkable adventures, magic changes and other fun in this wonderful fairy-tale movie…

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