Bellini - Norma - Montserrat Caballe

Bellini - Norma - Montserrat Caballe

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The DVD is featured by original recording of the ballet and NOT digitally re-mastered

Opera in Two Acts
Music by Vincenzo Bellini
Livretto by Felice Romani

Stage Director: Sandro Sequi
Director: Pierre Jourdan
Costumes: Fiorella Mariani
Artistic Direction: Jacques Bourgeois - Jean Darnel
Director of Photography: Jean Pierre Lazar
Sound Engineer: Jacques Pietri

Norma - Montserra Caballe
Adalgia - Josephine Veasey
Pollione - Jon Vickers
Oroveso - Agostino Ferrin
Clotilde - Marisa Zotti
Flavio - Gino Sininberghi

Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio di Torino conducted by Giusepe Patane
Live performance, Theatre Antique d'Orange, July 20, 1974

1. Production Credits

2. Overture and Artists Credits

Act I, Scene 1
3. Ite sul colle (Oroveso, Chorus)
4. Svanir le voci! (Polhone, Flavio)
5. Meco all'altar di Venere (Polhone, Flavio, Chorus)
6. Me protegge, me difende (Polhone, Flavio, Chorus)
7. Norma viene (Chorus)
8. Sediziose voci (Norma, Oroveso, Chorus)
9. Casta diva (Norma, Chorus)
10. Fine al rito (Norma, Chorus)
11. Ah! bello a me ritorna (Norma, Chorus)
12. Sgombra e la sacra selva (Adalgisa)
13. Deh! Proteggimi, o Dio (Adalgisa)
14. Eccola! Va, mi lascia (Polhone, Adalgisa)
15. Va, crudele, al Dio spietato (Polhone, Adalgisa)
16. Vieni in Roma (Polhone, Adalgisa)

Act I, Scene 2
17. Vanne, e li cela entrambi! (Norma, Clotilde)
18 Adalgisa! - (Alma, costanza!) (Norma, Adalgisa)
19. 0 rimembranza! (Norma, Adalgisa)
20. Ma di: l'amato giovane (Norma, Adalgisa, Pollione)
21. Oh, non tremare, o perfido (Norma, Adalgisa)
22. Oh! di qual set tu vittima (Norma, Polhone, Adalgisa)
23. Perfido! — Or basti! (Norma, Polhone, Adalgisa)
24. Vanne, si, mi lascia, indegno (Norma, Polhone, Adalgisa)
25. Act I Curtain Calls

Act II, Scene 1
26. Dormono entrambi (Norma, Clotilde)
27. Mi chiami, o Norma? (Adalgisa, Norma)
28. Deh! Con te, li prendi (Norma, Adalgisa)
29. Mira, o Norma (Adalgisa, Norma)
30. Si, fino all'ore estreme (Norma, Adalgisa)

Act II, Scene 2
31. Non parti? (Chorus, Oroveso)

Act II, Scene 3
32. Ei tornera (Norma, Clotilde, Chorus, Oroveso)
33. Guerra, guerra! (Norma, Chorus, Oroveso, Clotilde, Polhone)
34. In mia man (Norma, Polhone, Chorus, Oroveso)
35. Qual cor tradisti (Norma, Polhone, Oroveso, Chorus)
36. Deh! non volerli vittime (Norma, Polhone, Oroveso, Chorus)

37. Final Curtain Calls and Closing credits

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