Brief Encounters (Kira Muratova film) (subtitles)
The film is about a love triangle between three very different people. Nadia, a country girl, falls in love with Maskim, a roaming guitar playing geologist, and in her search for him she ends up working for Valentina, his long-distance, bureaucrat wife. Nadia begins to work as a maid for Valentina, but as they spend time together they have flashbacks to their brief meetings with Maskim. These flashbacks occur throughout the film and both Valentina and Nadia have them. Finally news arrives of Maskim’s return to Valentina. On the day of his return Nadia cooks a meal for them both and leaves before they arrive, Valentina never knew of Nadia’s encounters with Maskim, and Maskim will never know of Nadia’s time with Valentina.


Nadya (Nina Ruslanova) is a young woman who loves the geologist Maxim (Vladimir Vysotsky). She takes a job as a housemaid before discovering Maxim is romantically involved with town official Valentina Ivanovna (Kira Muratova). The heartbroken Nadya goes away before Maxim can return, leaving him and Valentina to pursue their romance.

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