Buddhas Little Finger

Buddha's Little Finger

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A drama set during the failed coup against President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Unemployed Russian poet Pyotr Voyd is arrested by KGB during the 1991 Soviet August Coup. Being tortured, he loses consciousness and appears in 1919 post-revolutionary Russia, where he fights on the same side with the legendary Red cavalry commander Chapayev and his machine-gunner Anka. The strange memory lapses constantly throw him to the bandits' Moscow of the nineties, then to the Russian Civil War, back and forth, again and again.


This is a good and precise screen adaptation (especially taking into account that it is made not by a Russian team) of the book "Chapayev and Emptiness" by famous modern Russian writer Victor Pelevin, published in 1996. It is a fantastic story about a guy named Pyotr who is a poet and in his dreams takes part in two Russian revolutions at the same time: 1917 and 1991, and his romantic story with a girl Anna (Anka), Chapayev's machine gunner.

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