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A naive girl from a provincial town, dreaming of becoming an actress, goes to Moscow to enroll in a theatre school. She fails at the entrance exams, however she meets new friends and experiences first love…

The most titled lady of national film directing, Tatiana Lioznova (“Three Poplars at Plyushchikha”, “Seventeen Moments of Spring”), first tried her hand at the genre of musical film show (the synthesis of circus, variety, drama and musical). As a result, the film made the top ten list of most popular films in 1982.

In a large part, the film owed its success to the casting of the nationally popular Irina Muravyova (“Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”) in the lead. Especially for that role, the actress lost weight, learned to roller-skate, and delivered a lively, enjoyable and brilliant performance as a funny, yet determined “girl with a character”. With this role, Muravyova had secured the reputation of the best actress of Soviet cinema of the early 1980s.

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