Based on the vaudeville by M. StaritskySvirid Petrovich Golokhvasty had his own barbershop in town and a reputation of a dandy. Once, after losing everything he had at cards, he decided to remedy his financial situation by a profitable marriage. A rich but ugly girl named Pronya Serko fell for the illustrious suitor’s courtship…One of the best national comedies – you can watch it again and again – it never fails to lift your spirits. Here is a lucky confluence of the great literary source, the charm of an authentic Ukrainian color, the talented cast’s performance full of sparkling humor, and something else, so elusive and hard to define, yet, definitely, indispensable for making a true masterpiece.
…Years after, the film’s jokes and puns would still be remembered, a monument to the lead characters of the popular picture would be put up on the Andreyevsky Hill (with a never-ending throng of tourists coming), and for a 2003 New Year program the TV Channel One would produce a musical remake of it starring the most popular personalities of Russian show business (Alla Pugachyova, Verka-Serdyuchka, Maxim Galkin).

Special features: Interview with A. Onopriyenko, daughter of actress M.Krinitsyna; Making of…; Filmographies; Photo album

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