Cinderella (in color) (subtitles)

Fine, gentle, kind, naive film, full of lasting charm. It is the real fairy tale loved by spectators of many generations. And Cinderella has forever accepted the image of charming Yanina Zhejmo.

"The film starts with the words, "This is a very old fairy tale that was first told many centuries ago and still lives, and everybody tells it in a different way". The creators of the film "Zolushka", 1947 ("Cinderella"), told this old story with so much tenderness, humor, kindness, and style that it will be loved and watched by spectators of many generations, past and future, children and adults alike. "Cinderella" is the film of lasting and never aging charm. Its directing is effortless, the familiar plot never fails to captivate, the music by Antonio Spadavekkia is enchanting and absolutely fits the magic of the film. The old story is retold by Yevgeni Shvarts (who also wrote the screenplays to the masterpieces of Russian Cinema "To Kill a Dragon" (1991), "Ordinary Wonder" (1978), "Twelve Chairs" (1977), and "Don Quixote" (1957)), and he added the jokes that are still funny and biting after all these years.

I just have to say a couple of words about acting. The best Russian actors of the time participated in the "Cinderella". I would never forget a touchy but kind King (Erast Garin), tender and loving Zolushka (Yanina Zhejmo, who was 38 when she took a role but she was absolutely believable as 16 year old Zolushka), and one of my favorite actresses of all time, one and only Faina Ranevskaya as an evil but unforgettable Stepmother who believes that with her powerful connections she will rule the Magic Kingdom."

                                            (review by G_a_l_i_n_a)

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