City Zero (Zerograd) (subtitles)

City Zero (Zerograd) (subtitles)

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During his business trip the film hero gets to a fantastic city all of a sudden. The city resembles our world greatly, but the matter is that a hidden absurdity of our everyday life has become vivid here. Zero city opens the hero one secret after another and it is more and more difficult to return to the ordinary reality…


An engineer in charge of the production line of a factory in Moscow is sent to a small town to try to specify the distributor the new dimensions of a mechanic part they need. But in this town everybody seems to be crazy (a secretary who works naked, a group of people take the engineer as a rock & roll player, etc) and, in addition, this man is witness of a suicide, so he is trapped inside the town.


- ”Golden Hugo” of IFF in Chicago, 1989.
- The Silver Prize of IFF in Valyadolide, 1989.
- The Prize of the European Science Fiction Association for the best film at IFF in San Marino, 1989.

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