Clear Skies
Test pilot Astakhov, the Hero of the Soviet Union, was taken prisoner during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). On his coming back home after the war, he is expelled from the Communist Party, fired from his job and deprived of all of his awards. For years, he has been unable to return to the work he loves. Gradually, he becomes a drunkard, but the love and loyalty of his wife, Sasha, saves him, inspiring him with the hope for justice...

Starring in the principal role was the well-known Russian actor Yevgheny Urbansky, whose face became the symbol of the 1960s era.

Golden Star Grand Prize at the Moscow IFF, 1961;
Golden Gate Prize for Best Director (Grigory Chukhrai) at the San Francisco IFF, 1961;
Golden Palenque Head at the Mexico IFF, 1961

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