Come Look at Me (subtitles)

This is a 2001 romantic comedy set around the New Year directed by Oleg Yankovsky and Mikhail Agranovich. The film was Yankovsky's sole directorial effort. Oleg Yankovsky won the award for Best Actor at Kinotavr.

Before New Year Eve the windows of vast city are glowing from within by colored Christmas lights. It seems that behind each of these windows carefully stored favorite holiday.It seems that each of them are waiting for the New Year's wish fulfillment...By the silhouette of an elderly woman at one of the windows of the old house in Moscow, neighbors in the yard probably accustomed as something unchangeable.Sophia Ivanovna ten years does not get up from her chair, all day looking out the window, glues paper figurines and listening to Dickens, who reads aloud to her, her only daughter Tanya. The only heiress, Tanya, whom Sophia Ivanovna must to pass all the family jewels, seems resigned to the position of an old maid, and her whole life consists only of the care of the sick mother.

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