Come Tomorrow (Yevgeny Tashkov legendary comedy) (subtitles)

Come Tomorrow (Yevgeny Tashkov legendary comedy) (subtitles)

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This is a story of a young girl, a talented singer, who comes to Moscow from the Siberian taiga to become a professional singer. She tries to enter the Music Institute and, finding out that the exams are already over, she nevertheless does everything possible to become a student.

The film script was written by the director Evgeny Tashkov with his wife Ekaterina Savinova, who played the main part (Frosya Burlakova). It reflected real events in Savinovas's life.

Ekaterina Savinova not only played her part and sang all the songs, but also recorded the sound for Nadezhda Zhivotova (the housewife at the sculptor's home).

When a third of the film was ready, a commission from Moscow saw it and tried to stop it. With the help of the film director Mikhail Romm, Tashkov managed to complete the film. However, even after the release, bureaucrats tried to stop the film accusing the authors of opposing socialist realism (especially in the scene, where the sculptor breaks his works).

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