Dance Lessons. The Perfect Step-by-Step Instruction.

Dance Lessons. The Perfect Step-by-Step Instruction.

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The Dance Lessons DVD brings professional dance instructions into your home, totally de-mystifying it and inspiring confidence.

Each dance is separated into a "show selection" - where professional couples perform the dance in formal costume - and a "teaching section" in which they break the dance down into sections of easy-to-follow steps.

Product Content
The main programme contains over one hour of footage and includes the following favourites:
- Foxtrot
- Modern Waltz
- Rock and Roll
- Disco
- Salsa
- Viennese Walts
- Cha-cha-cha
- Tango

Bonus dance:
- Merengue

Voice-over guide.
Programme chaptered for easy DVD navigation.
Music selected to perfectly reflect each dance tempo.
Full-length audio track for each of the 9 dances so student couple can practice.
Contains an orientation section. Graphics and voice-over combine to guide the student couple around the floor.
Bonus footage featuring the "Merengue" plus outtakes from filming and rehersals.

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