Down House (Roman Kachanov arthouse comedy) (subtitles)

Down House is a 2001 Russian comedy-gross-out film by Roman Kachanov, a spoof parody on 'The Idiot' novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The plot is set in modern Moscow, probably in the second half of the 1990s, with New Russians, Hummer H1 jeeps, bribery, violence, truckfuls of tinned stew as a dowry, and so on. The film is quite far from the novel's subject, but still keeps to the main storyline. It features Fyodor Bondarchuk as Myshkin, and a soundtrack by DJ Groove, one of the most popular Russian DJs (appeared in film as taxi driver).

In Russian, Daun (Down) primarily refers to a person with Down syndrome, or, colloquially, to anyone retarded or just stupid, so it is similar to Idiot; while Haus (House) refers to House music, which is used extensively in the film. The name is also a reference to Russian subcultures like e.g. businessmen, hackers and hippies, heavily using words borrowed from English and transliterated into Russian alphabet.

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