Dreaming of Space (Space as a Presentiment)

Dreaming of Space (Space as a Presentiment)

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A story of a simple, naive Russian man Konyok and the people around him: his love and her sister and a mysterious man. The film is set in 1957, time of changes, time of waiting for something big to happen...

Victor (Yevgeni Mironov) dreams of being a cosmonaut. He meets Gherman (Yevgeni Tsyganov), who longs to defect, at the local gym and they become sparring partners. Victor, or "Horsie" as his girl Lara (Irina Pegova) calls him, follows Gherman around like a puppy and soon they are inseparable friends. Set in a Russian coastal town on the North Sea days after the satellite Sputnik was launched, Dreams of Space has a beautifully muted color palette and the bitter-sweet humor and considerate touch that is a defining feature of Russian film. Victor mimics the English he hears on Gherman's transistor radio and its very hard not to smile and love this guy. Victor, Gherman, Lara and her sister Rimma (Yelena Lyadova) double date, switch partners and even that somehow doesn't seem so bad. Part buddy picture, part melodrama and part romantic comedy, Dreams of Space is warm, sentimental and visually engaging.

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