Ekaterina. Pretenders (Ekaterina. Season 3) (Dmitry Iosifov historical drama) (16 episodes) (subtitles)

Also known as:

Ekaterina. Impostors

Catherine. The Impostors

The empress is well aware that they may soon lose their place on the throne. Danger to Her Majesty's reign appeared from enemies and hidden opponents. Catherine (Marina Aleksandrova) begins to actively fight with Turkey, and in this battle there are only two ways out: lose, but with dignity; or win and get out of the war with full triumph.

But what will the right decision cost? In the theater of operations, you need to make responsible decisions and stick to a wise strategy. The peasant war begins to spread actively in the Urals and the Volga region. Pugachev begins to gain strength for the offensive, and Emelyan declares his person to be the heir to the imperial throne.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens in the most diverse territories of the vast empire are beginning to support the uprising; they decided to go after the impostor Peter Fedorovich. Abroad, another conflict begins to flare up: the Poles and the French in Paris greet Madam Tarakanova, who claims to be Elizabeth Petrovna’s real daughter. The situation is greatly exacerbated in the palace itself, the courtiers, under the influence of Panin, decide to transfer the rule into the hands of Paul, although he does not need this at all.

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