Father Frost
This musical, beautifully costumed film is based on a popular Russian fairy tale. Once upon a time there lived a nice, sweet girl, Nastenka. Her wicked stepmother made her work very hard day and night. One day she decided to get rid of her stepdaughter by sending her to a winter forest for her to freeze to death there. In the same land, there lived a lad named Ivan. He fell in love with Nastenka, but, unfortunately, he bragged too much, and was turned for that into a bear by a forest magician. Both Nastenka and Ivan would have to go through many trials before they are finally reunited. And the one who helped them was the good wizard Father Frost The mastery of the films director, Alexander Row, who pioneered the genre of a fairy-tale screen adaptation, is still highly acclaimed. Even Steven Spilberg paid tribute to Rows enchanting fairy tales.

Special Freatures:
Filmography, photos; Episodes from the Father Frost (1924); Museum RUSCICO; Soundtracks with the songs from the Film; An interview with the Leading Actress Natalya Sedykh; Original Theatrical Trailers (1964, 1969)

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