Festival of Music,Vol. 2 - Athur Rubinstein,Andres Segovia

Festival of Music,Vol. 2 - Athur Rubinstein,Andres Segovia

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The DVD is featured by original recording of the performance and NOT digitally re-mastered

Producers' Showcase: Festival of Music, Vol. 2
December 10,1956 / Jose Ferrer, host
Showcase Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

The first Festival of Music telecast (January 30,1956) featured over a dozen international stars performing a generous potpourri of classical "hits". For the December 10 installment, the program's producers opted for far fewer performers in considerably longer musical segments. So while viewers of the January show were treated to just seven minutes of Arthur Rubinstein playing his beloved Chopin A-flat Polonaise, those tuning in to the December edition had 17 minutes of the pianist performing Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Marian Anderson, the only artist other than Rubinstein to grace both programs, had the distinction of being given equal time, singing three spirituals for each of her two appearances.

Opera was very much the mainstay of both Festival of Music programs, but while the January program had selections from Pagliacci, Tosca, Tales of Hoffmann, Carmen and La Boheme, December viewers had much of the first act of La Traviata and the protracted "Death Scene" from Boris Godunov. What was lost in the way of variety was gained by viewers being able to savor nearly all of Victoria De Los Angeles's captivating, superbly vocalized first act Violetta, and the long, closing segment of Boris Godunov with Boris Christoff in the title role. It would be almost a year before Metropolitan Opera audiences would enjoy De Los Angeles's Traviata while they would continue to be deprived of the presence in the house of Boris Christoff whose promised debut was first scuttled by the excesses of McCarthyism and later by disputes with Met Manager Rudolf Bing. Christoff's "Death of Boris" is both harrowing and heartbreaking, the work of a magnificent singing actor.

The longer operatic sequences and the Rachmaninov "Rhapsody" didn't leave much time for guitarist Andres Segovia, but his brief appearance further distinguishes the evening, as do contributions from such artists as tenor Barry Morell in La Traviata, Nicola Moscona in Boris Godunov and conductor Alfred Wallenstein who leads the orchestra with a sure and practiced hand.

Rarely had network television offered such distinguished musical fare to TV audiences. Rarer still, is anything of equal merit to be seen on television today.

Chapter Guide for Complete Telecast
1. Opening Credits 2:34
2. Commercial for Television Sets ("Dear Santa") v.57
3. Opening Comments & Introduction to La Traviata segment 2:17

La Traviata (Verdi) Act I (abridged)
Elizabeth Doubleday (Flora); Virginio Assandri (Gaston) Arthur Newman (Marquis)
4. Dell'invito trascorsa e gia I'ora 3:49
5. Libiamo, libiamo 4:33
6. Un di felice 3:01
7. Ah, fors'e lui 2:37
8. Sempre libera 2:45
9. Commercial for Washing Machines; Station Identification 1:58
10. Introduction to Anderson segments :49

MARIAN ANDERSON (with Franz Rupp, piano)
11. arr. H. T. Burleigh: Heav'n, Heav'n v.53
12. arr. H. T. Burleigh: My Lord, What a Mornin' 2:59
13. arr. Hall Johnson: Roll, Jord'n, Roll! 1:49
14. Introduction to Rubinstein segment AS
15. ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN / Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of
Paganini (abridged) 17:19
16. Commercial for Stereophonic Sound 1:31
17. Commercial for Clock-Radios; Station Identification 1:27
18. Introduction to Segovia segment 1:08

19. Bach: Gavotte 3:04
20.Torroba: Allegretto (from Sonatina in A major) 2:43
21. Introduction to Boris Godunov segment 1:40
Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky) Death of Boris

Michael Pollack (Shuisky); Kirk Jordan (Feodor)
22. / gospoda molit 3:28
23. Odnazhdy, v vecherniy chas 3:36
24. Proschay, moy syn 10:37
25. Commercial for Television Set ("Personal") 1:01
26. Commercial: Latest Recordings 1:31
27. Closing Credits 5:57

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